Hello Blogging World

I never thought I’d be a blogger

Yet here I am, writing my very first blog.  WHY?  Because I finally have something to say that I think others might want to hear!  I’ve recently lost over 60 lbs. and I want to share with the world how I did it, what I’m doing to keep it off, and what I have learned through my process!  Come with me on this journey of excitement, advice, and writing!  Three of my most favorite things.


How did I lose all that weight?

I’m strong!  I’ve always exercised!  Stayed active.  Lived a relatively healthy life, yet I continued to increase in size.  Marriage, three young beautiful children, and a very active life, but I was tipping the scale at 200!  YIKES.  I thought I was simply big boned.  I didn’t really see myself clearly.  Running and eating right brought me down in size slowly, but the real miracle was HCG.

I am NOT a fad dieter!  In fact I am STRICTLY AGAINST fad diets!

Yet after a couple years of studying and researching all the information available to me about HCG, I finally decided to give it a try.

And it worked!

I believe in this wonderful homeopathic way of losing weight.  I believe that through my study and my own individual journey of losing weight, I have learned sooo much that I want to share!  I want to help other mothers out there lose that extra fat, be healthier, be happier and regain that SEXY body of theirs!  Or discover it for the first time, like me!

This is the purpose of my blog.

I will share different HCG advice, tips, news, and encouragement with anyone wanting to read!  My information is your information.  My knowledge, your knowledge.

So, what have you heard about HCG?


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