How do I keep the weight off now that it is gone???

1ST Question3 weeks directly following the HCG protocol: Eat whatever you want EXCEPT STARCHES AND SURGARS! And continue to weigh every morning!

2nd 3 weeks: SLOWLY add starches and sugars in small quantities, and continue to monitor yourself through morning weighing.

It is my adamant belief that maintenance is the hardest part of HCG.  For those new to these terms, maintenance is what you do after you stop taking the drops.  Why is it hard?  It is hard because all choices lie strictly with you now.  When you are taking the drops you really don’t have much choice in what you eat.  You can almost do it robotically once you get the hang of it. 

No choice means no chance of failure. 

But once you stop taking the drops, the sky is the limits in what you eat, and contrary to some opinions out there, you are encouraged to EAT.  Eat food and eat plenty of it, just make sure it is the right kinds of food!  I’ll get back to that in more specifics in just a moment.

What naysayers think

Contrary to other opinions out there, it is very possible to keep the weight off after you start eating again.  Naysayers proclaim that the only reason a person loses weight when taking homeopathic HCG is because you are only eating 500 calories, but that once you eat normally again you will gain it all back.

This simply is not true!  If you follow the protocol.

Those same naysayers state that the weight you lose is muscle and water weight.  And this is a load of bologna as well.  Is it possible for you to lose lean muscle weight while taking HCG?  If you don’t stick to the protocol, yes it is.  This is one of the reasons why it is so essential to eat all your protein, and I even recommend eating more than the recommended 3 or 4 oz. a meal.  But to blithely state that homeopathic drops don’t work and use the argument that there is no scientific study to prove it, belittles the thousands of people who have lost weight and kept it off for years while eating what they want but being smart about it.

Choice = Responsibility

The reason I believe maintenance is so hard is because you do have so many choices and you are encouraged to eat.  Dr. Simeons states that for the first three weeks following the drops you can eat anything you want minus starches (bread, potatoes, corn, beans, etc.) and sugars (candy, cookies, BBQ sauce, really sweet fruits, etc.)  But eat, eat, eat.

The sky’s the limit.  Eat food, but make wise choices.  This sometimes means to change lifelong habits, control unhealthy urges, practice discipline, and if we are unused to such discipline, it is almost inevitable that some failure will occur.

Unhealthy lifelong habits have to change.  WE must learn to be conscientious of what we put in our mouth. 

Once past the first three weeks of maintenance your choices become even more vast because you are then encouraged to slowly add in your starches and sugars.  The key is to chose wisely.  With choices comes responsibilities, but each day that wise choices are made you become that much stronger to make more wise choices.

A few tips for keeping it off

1. Keep a log of what you eat. 

This is an easy way to get in the habit of knowing what you put in your mouth.  The very first time I kept a food log I was amazed at how often I ate without even thinking about it, which is our next tip…

2. Make eating an event

Don’t grab and go!  No matter how much you are tempted to rush around with your mascara in one hand and your breakfast bar in the other, DON’T DO IT!  Make eating your meals an event, and each bite an enjoyment.  Taste your food.  Enjoy your food.  Then by the time you are done eating, not only is your stomach notified, but your mind as well.

This doesn’t mean you have to spend hours on each meal either though.  If I am having a breakfast protein shake, instead of throwing it in my mixer then in a cup that I hold with me as I watch my kids, or do my laundry, or drive, I sit down with it.  I stop for 2 minutes, drink slowly, and even make it more tasty by putting strawberries and ice in it!  Yum.  Then it really does feel like a treat.

3. Cut your portions in half

My eyes are still bigger than my stomach.  For some reason, I feel that if I don’t pile all that food on my plate, I won’t be able to eat it later … maybe that is because I came from a large family?  Whatever the reason, I have found the absolute necessity of making my plate, THEN cutting all my portions in half and taking that to the table.  If after eating, I still am hungry then I can easily put more on my plate.  But 9 times out of 10, I am completely satisfied.

4. Continue to weigh daily

This should be first on my list.  I have learned that the best way to live life is intentionally.  I must chose every day how to live, what to be responsible for, what choices to make.  I, and only I, can monitor my weight, but I can’t do that if I am ignorant of it.  So, I weight daily.

5. Drink lots of water

Does it have to be water?  Not necessarily, but it should have water in it.  I, personally, love herb tea and crystal light.  I also love water.  Our bodies need water to function and most people do not drink enough!  So first thing in the morning after weighing, drink a tall refreshing glass of water.  And repeat through the day.  Your body will thank you.

6. Get rid of the temptations!!!

You should have at least one safe place where you can go and not be surrounded by the foods that you shouldn’t eat on any regular basis.  So, don’t have junk food in your house.  If you feel like an ice cream cone then go and get one, but don’t have it so readily available to you in your house that all you have to do is walk to the freezer.  After all, we all have weak moments and the less we are surrounded by temptations the better.

7. Never give up, never lose hope.

Hope makes life worth living.  Let’s face it, sometimes we make mistakes. That is life.  But we should never give up hope of a better tomorrow.  If you make a mistake, accept it and move on, vowing to do better tomorrow.

This life is for living.  It’s exciting to learn and grow and develop our talents and abilities.  So, love life and never lose hope.

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