Life After HCG

You’ve finished the drops … now what?

Maintenance.  It is a simple enough word, but its implications pack a serious punch.  What do you need to do to keep the weight off?

Dr. Simeons rules are simple.  He states that you weigh everyTips day and stay away from starches and sugars.  To some, this might be a little too simple, too vague.  It is a scary thing to be given so much freedom when you want to be sure to keep the weight off, so I have compiled a list of tips that might help out with adjusting to maintenance!

Tips To Live By

  1. Relax.  This should be the beginning of the rest of your life.  Live and eat the way you plan to for years to come (minus starches and sugars).  This phase of the protocol is a time for you to learn to listen to your body.  Learn to feed it when it is hungry, and not feed it when it is full.  Only you can decide those points.  As long as you continue to monitor yourself through daily weighing you can easily adjust your intake accordingly.  So, take things a day at a time and don’t stress out.
  2. Don’t feel restricted!  From personal experience, I know that when I feel restricted, or deprived, I tend to freak out and there is no telling what the consequences will be.  Just recently, I had to deal with this little monster of mine once again.  I tried to do too much, tried to expect more from me than was fair.  I felt an incredible pressure to eat perfectly, and whenever the expectation of perfection is included in ANYTHING, failure is imminent!  And failure did happen, leading me to a feeling of defeat.  THIS IS NOT GOOD!  So, don’t expect perfection.  Don’t bind yourself down.  Allow a little wiggle room and allow for a few mistakes without feeling guilty.  As long as you weigh DAILY, and adjust your intake accordingly, you are golden.  This is life!  Enjoy it.
  3. Weigh Daily.  This is so important.  In everything we do, we must learn to be intentional about it, and we have no power over our weight if we do not know what it is.  So, inform yourself.  Empower yourself.  Don’t be afraid.
  4. Don’t be afraid of a steak day. If you have done much reading about HCG, you have probably heard of a ‘steak day’.  If you haven’t, I will explain it briefly.  Dr. Simeons advises that after finishing HCG, if you gain more than 2 lbs. you should partake in a ‘steak day’, meaning that on the day you weight more than 2 lbs over your end weight you drink plenty of water, skip breakfast and lunch, then have a huge steak and an apple for dinner.  This typically will drop you down a pound or two.  It works.  Don’t be afraid to try it.
  5. REGULAR MEALS!  I cannot stress this tip enough.  I know it works for me.  When I make sure to have regular meals throughout the day, then I feel fulfilled and satisfied.  On the other hand when I snack all day long, I am never really hungry, but never really satisfied.  This leads me to my final tip…
  6. Do not snack.  Snacking is murder on diets and weight maintenance.  You should have 6 regular meals throughout the day.  That’s it.  NO SNACKING.  NO SNACKING. NO SNACKING.  If you happen to want a ‘snack’, then analyze your feeling.  Are you really hungry, or just wanting to entertain yourself.  If it is the former, then for goodness sake, make yourself a small healthy meal.  If it is the latter, then learn to control that impulse, for after all, you will be able to have your small meals at very regular intervals through the day.

Life is good, and success is possible.  Take things one day at a time and if you goof up, all is not lost!  Simply pick yourself up and continue on.  As someone I used to know said, ‘Just keep on keep’n on!’

Here’s to lifetime success!

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