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I took a small break from blogging in order to get our website up and running!  YES!  We have a website.  It is, believe it or not, and I think it is pretty darn 5-8-11 021 cool.  Do you wonder why?  Well, I realized that I believed in the hCG product so much, and spoke with so many people about it, it only made sense to market and sell my own hCG product.  SO – there you go.  It’s a great product and I am super excited to share it with others and share in their successes. 

I think that weight loss has always been, and will always be, a tangible thing that women worry about.  We want to look good.  It is such a simple concept and it is wholly and wonderfully woman.  Woman want beautiful things, want to see beautiful things, and want to be beautiful.  “The woman’s touch” is not some random idea that was thrown out for no reason, but instead a real and deep rooted thing that rests inside each woman’s breast.  The desire for beauty.  And there is no more important type of beauty, than that of feeling beautiful.

I am not saying we need be supermodels.  True beauty comes from finding our own true selves.  We cannot maintain true beauty, and be at peace, unless we develop who we are and not who someone else is whom we admire.  This is one reason I believe in hCG.  I believe that hCG has helped me harness my own true beauty.  It is my responsibility now to keep and develop it, but hCG got me there … along with God.

Here’s to woman.  A celebration of true womanhood, and one of the steps that got me closer to my ideal.  Check it out: Let me know what you think.hcgbottle (3)

Do you believe, as I do, that the desire to be physically beautiful is a wonderful and feminine trait that, as long as its importance is not put out of proportion, helps us develop ourselves to reach our true potential?

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