Feeding your family while on hCG


chicken breast

One of the hardest things I had to deal with was feeding my three little children and husband while I was on hCG.  I couldn’t even lick my fingers for goodness sakes and sometimes it made me mad!  ‘Just one lick!’ I would think.  But then I would trudge to the kitchen sink and wash my hands off.


Separate meals worked best

But that is what you need to do.  I still ate with my family, I just didn’t eat the same things as my family.  I didn’t even try to make that combination work.  I wanted to keep my meals simple and to the point, so why subject my family to such … blandness.  The few times I tried to combine our meals, it didn’t really work out.  Not only did I spend more time on the meal, trying to season it just so, but the end result was lots of leftovers.  At least I was able to eat the leftovers though!

You can do anything for 21 days!

It is drudgery at times, being on the very restrictive hCG diet, but what I kept telling myself was ‘YOU CAN DO ANYTHING FOR 21 DAYS.  ANYTHING’  And the end result is worth it. 

Bottom line, it is worth being strict about it.  It is worth it to not lick your fingers, or cheating just a little.  Do you want a leaner, more beautiful you?  Then, do it.  Pay the sacrifice necessary for success.  You will be happy you did in the end, I know I am.

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