Success VS Failure



That is the difference between success and failure.  Someone who is successful in life has simply learned that failure is only a bump in the road to success.  It isn’t failure if you pick yourself up and keep going, is it?

This is something I only recently learned.  One of my greatest stumbling blocks was my misconception of what failure was.  I thought that if I didn’t do things ABSOLUTELY PERFECTLY then I was a total yucky failure, and then I would go into crazy mode and make a lot of bad choices. 

Life Can’t be All or Nothing

In the past when I was trying to eat right, I would expect perfection in everything I do.  When I was unable to achieve perfection, (because after all, none of us is perfect) instead of just taking a small bite of ice cream, I would consider myself a failure and then eat the whole gallon, plus a chocolate bar, plus some chips because, hell, I was a failure so I might as well fail with a bang.

What silly nonsense.  So much of success depends on our mindset!!!!  And with my all or nothing mindset I was setting myself up for failure. 

Success starts with choosing now how to continue on. 

To Stumble does not mean to Fail

Stumbling does not determine success or failure, it is determined by your mindset; by your willingness to get back up and continue on.  Since finishing with hCG I have had a few stumbles along my road, but I am learning to continue on, and not allow myself to give up because I have, in essence, fallen down.  Success will be measured in the long run.  Years from now, how will I be living?  Am I making slow improvements or allowing myself to slip?  Every day, every moment, every second, I chose where I will be in 10 years from now. 

NOW is the time, not Tomorrow

No more.  I will no longer ‘start tomorrow’ in living right.  Even if I messed up this morning, I can still be successful this afternoon!  Does that make sense?  I love this idea of continuing the race one step at at time.

So, continue on!!

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