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The Importance of Accountability

There are few things in life that are as helpful in getting over the hard hurdles we sometimes must go through, as a good friend or mentor who can hold us accountable for our actions.  I learned this great lesson … Continue reading

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Life After HCG

You’ve finished the drops … now what? Maintenance.  It is a simple enough word, but its implications pack a serious punch.  What do you need to do to keep the weight off? Dr. Simeons rules are simple.  He states that … Continue reading

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The Day After The Holidays!!

Holidays are a struggle for most people on any strict diet such as the hCG protocol.  Anyone who is in the middle of any diet dreads the holiday get-togethers which are so often laden with candy, chocolate, dessert, creams, pies, … Continue reading

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Tip of the day

Common Errors Change up your portion of protein.  It is a mistake to continue to eat the same protein for both lunch and dinner.  Mix it up!!  Especially if you notice yourself stalling. Look here tomorrow for another ‘Common Error’ … Continue reading

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Look to nature… Have you ever compared the body structure of a horse to that of a polar bear?  In Bill Phillips wonderful book Body for Life, he does just that. “It’s revealing to take a look at the animal … Continue reading

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To exercise or not to exercise, that is the question…   I am not going to tell you one way or another what is best with regards to exercise.  All I can do is give you a bit of information … Continue reading

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Tip of the day

  To Cheat or Not to Cheat This actually isn’t going to be a defined ‘tip’ but merely a little information about whether or not you should stray from the HCG protocol or not.  People do it and still lose … Continue reading

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