I used to think that people who were skinny were simply naturally skinny.  People who were strong were naturally strong.  Same thing goes with those who were smart, talented, witty, crafty.  The list goes on and on.  I had the erroneous idea that in order for these things to happen to me, I needed to get to the place where I would naturally eat healthy, exercise, or pick up the skill of piano playing.

This is sooo nott truueee!

Skinny doesn’t grow on trees

I used to think that it was immoral or wrong to have to work at things.  Does that sound silly?  Well, it is silly. 

For example, I felt that if ice cream was being served, I would be a stick in the mud, or a pansy, if I didn’t load up my bowl just as much as I could and chow down with everyone else.  And the people who didn’t eat to their hearts content were people to secretly feel superior to.  After all, I knew what was really important.  I could let my hair down a little bit and enjoy the company of my fellow man, rather than restrict myself and not fit in like those others who chose not to eat the ice cream.

This mindset is completely false.

We become who we become one choice at a time

I see now that it is not wrong or immoral to work for things, and in fact it is only through working for things that success occurs.  It is the piano player who practices hours and hours and hours on end every day, day in and day out, that one day becomes the concert pianist.  It is the athlete who wakes up every morning, no matter what, and goes to work at running, or weight lifting, or exercising, who has the body that is strong and healthy.

And it is the person who intentionally choses to eat smaller meals, forgo dessert, and not snack through the day, that is successful at keeping weight off.  I cannot continue at my same old habits and expect to maintain a slim physic. 

People want to eat whatever they want and be slim

But that is what everyone is wanting.  When I talk to people about hCG, they ask me if they will be able to eat exactly how they want to after finishing the protocol.  They ask me if I am back to eating normal.  The fact is, I do eat plenty of food during the day, believe me, but I conscientiously try to keep my choices healthy.  Sure, there are days that I overindulge, but most of the time, I chose to hold back and it is only through holding back that I maintain my weight.

Success requires work

At times I have to fight really really hard to resist my urge to snack.  Sometimes the only thing that keeps me from snacking is the simple fact that I don’t have it in my home.  But the fact remains that if I were to go back to eating exactly how I ate before, I would eventually gain all my weight back.

I have to make the choice every day.  I also have to allow myself to slip every once in a while and not think of it as a failure, but instead as another step along the road.  I truly believe that this is a key to success, not just to physical health, but to everything.  If I want to play the piano as well as my neighbor, then by golly I better be willing to put in just as many hours working at it as she does.

Same thing goes with my physical appearance.  If I want to be sexy, I need to work at it, and there is nothing wrong with having to work at something in order to … make it work.

And that is how one eventually finds success.  Don’t you agree??

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