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Steak Day

Yum.  But due to the nature of the beast, while on the HCG Maintenance Phase, consuming that delectable slab of meat is preceded by the unwelcome discovery that you’ve gained over 2 lbs. since your last HCG drops weigh-in.  And … Continue reading

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Life After HCG

You’ve finished the drops … now what? Maintenance.  It is a simple enough word, but its implications pack a serious punch.  What do you need to do to keep the weight off? Dr. Simeons rules are simple.  He states that … Continue reading

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Tip of the Day

Most Common Errors #2 Are you eating too much American beef?  American beef is significantly more fatty than other beef and can stall your weightloss.  Veal can be used to replace beef, if you have access to it.  Buffalo has … Continue reading

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The Day After The Holidays!!

Holidays are a struggle for most people on any strict diet such as the hCG protocol.  Anyone who is in the middle of any diet dreads the holiday get-togethers which are so often laden with candy, chocolate, dessert, creams, pies, … Continue reading

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Tip of the day

Common Errors Change up your portion of protein.  It is a mistake to continue to eat the same protein for both lunch and dinner.  Mix it up!!  Especially if you notice yourself stalling. Look here tomorrow for another ‘Common Error’ … Continue reading

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Look to nature… Have you ever compared the body structure of a horse to that of a polar bear?  In Bill Phillips wonderful book Body for Life, he does just that. “It’s revealing to take a look at the animal … Continue reading

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To exercise or not to exercise, that is the question…   I am not going to tell you one way or another what is best with regards to exercise.  All I can do is give you a bit of information … Continue reading

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