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Tip of the day

Drink your protein.  WHAT?  You ask.  DO YOU MEAN WHILE TAKING THE DROPS?  Yes, I do.  I found myself a good protein drink that I used to substitute a protein a day, or even add a portion of protein while … Continue reading

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How do I keep the weight off now that it is gone???

1ST 3 weeks directly following the HCG protocol: Eat whatever you want EXCEPT STARCHES AND SURGARS! And continue to weigh every morning! 2nd 3 weeks: SLOWLY add starches and sugars in small quantities, and continue to monitor yourself through morning … Continue reading

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What can I eat on hCG, be specific!

HCG PROTOCOL Day 1 and 2:Take HCG and eat, eat, eat (don’t make yourself sick, though). Eat all the fatty, creamy, succulent forbidden foods you want to. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP! This helps awaken your metabolism, and prepares you … Continue reading

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What do I eat all day while on hCG

The information is out there.  If you were to do a search for hCG and what to eat while on the 500 calorie diet, about a billion websites pop up and they all say the same thing.  3-4 oz. of … Continue reading

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